First Meeting of Fall '10!

Posted 9/28/10 at 9:22 PM by Sam

It's time for SURE's first meeting of the quarter! We'll be talking about what kinds of awesomeness will be going on this quarter, including some of our planned events and speakers, and we'll go into an introduction of the group for SURE newcomers.

Other than the administrative stuff, we have plans to do something more fun and social - after getting to know each other, we'll go outside for some outdoor activities on the lawn behind the UCen.

The meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/29) at 6:00pm in the Harbor Room at the UCen, which is in the lower level hallway between the Hub and the post office.

Sorry for the late notice; OSL still hasn't gotten back to us about where we'll be meeting after this first meeting (the Harbor Room was our backup).


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