Dan Barker to Speak at UCSB! (Again)

Posted 5/5/10 at 8:25 PM by Sam

SURE Presents Dan Barker: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off. How an evangelical preacher became an atheist, and why there should be no National Day of Prayer.

Thursday, May 13, 7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm)
UCSB Life Sciences Building, room 1001
FREE attendance - seats are not assigned.

Click here for a map to the Life Sciences Building at UCSB.

More info:

Dan Barker devoted 19 years to ministry. He became a teenage evangelist at 15, received a degree in Religion from Azuza Pacific University, and in 1975 became an ordained minister. He was strong in his faith, traveling across the country with his musical ministry, and serving various churches as a preacher and guest pastor.

After five years of drawn-out study and reading, however, Dan gradually outgrew his religious beliefs. "If I had limited myself to Christian authors, I’d still be a Christian today," Dan says. "I just lost faith in faith." He announced his atheism publicly in January, 1984.

Today, Dan is the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national organization that enjoys an active membership and pursues high-profile legal challenges to government sanctioned violations of church-state separation, including a recent victory against the National Day of Prayer.

Come hear Dan's story, and learn about the National Day of Prayer issue.


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