Let Spring Quarter Begin!

Posted 3/31/10 at 11:54 PM by Sam

Hi everyone, welcome to Spring 2010! We already have some awesome stuff planned for this quarter, including something as soon as April 9th! (San Diego creationist museum trip). But let's start with the basics: our FIRST MEETING obviously wasn't today, unfortunately. The Office of Student Life hasn't gotten back to us with where we're assigned to be meeting, so we've moved the first meeting to next week. No big deal. Stay tuned on Facebook and here for more information.

At the first meeting, we'll be talking about some of the awesome, amazing stuff we already have lined up for the quarter, including the creation museum trip, and hosting Dan Barker to speak again! Something you may also be interested in, but which sadly isn't being hosted by SURE, is that Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to UCSB in May! Get your tickets from UCSB Arts and Lectures!

Once again, come to the first meeting to get lots of information and to hang with awesome guys and gals - next Wednesday, April 7 at 6:30pm in a soon-to-be-known location.


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