First meeting coming up!

Posted 9/11/09 at 10:28 PM by Sam

A couple weeks ago we tabled at the Freshman Summer Start Program's campus org tabling event. It's great to see so many people approaching us and telling us that they've been looking for a group like ours, or that they'd heard of us and are interested in getting involved. We're planning on having a great time with everyone this year, and are looking forward to meeting all our new members.

We'll be having our first meeting at 6pm on September 30, which is the Wednesday of the first full week of Fall quarter (it's also Blasphemy Day, and we have an event in the works for that as well). The officers will be introducing themselves, and we'll talk about some of the awesomeness we have coming for Fall '09. If you want, feel free to bring any friends you think might be interested in us. SURE is one of the largest secular student groups in California, and we'd like to grow even larger.

Unless otherwise stated, we'll be having the meeting in Theater and Dance room 2600. We haven't heard back from the room schedule people, but I'll post another update if we need to meet somewhere else, or if anything else changes.
We've gotten a confirmation! Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Theater and Dance 2600.

Once again:
First Fall '09 Meeting!!!1!1!!!
Wed. Sept. 30 @ 6:00pm 6:30pm
Theater and Dance 2600

Updated meeting time and place can be found on the Meeting Information page.

See everyone at the meeting!


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