Site Updates!

Posted 7/5/09 at 3:17 PM by Sam

We have a few new features on the website!

The photos page looks a little different from what it used to be - I took away the flickr slideshow, which took a while to load even on fast connections, in favor of a simpler album-based page. There's a row on the top with five random photos from the SURE flickr photostream, followed by some photosets of events and get-togethers. The page loads much more quickly now, and it's easier to navigate.

Another update to look for is on the contact page. I wanted a way for people to specify a particular officer they'd like to contact, so now there's a drop-down list that lets you do just that:

There's also a new title banner photo at the top of the page. I had a few other choices, but I like this one the best for now. I'll be changing the banner photo periodically to keep the page fresh. For a few days, I had 'Random Image On Refresh' functionality on the banner, which would cycle through four different images randomly on each page refresh (go figure) but got rid of it since it has to load four photos instead of just one, slowing down page views.

Stay tuned for more updates, and I hope everyone is having a great summer!


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