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Posted 5/21/09 at 2:54 PM by Sam

Presenting the new SURE website! This has been one of my plans for the group almost since first getting involved with SURE in 2007, and now it's finally taking form.

The main page (ucsbskeptics.com) has basic info about the group and officers, a calendar, some relevant links, photos, and some tools to get involved in the group. Hopefully this site will act as an information hub for looking up events and summaries of meetings, and also as a public outreach platform for students (or non-students) who are looking for a group like ours. It'll be useful as an easily accessed information repository. The front page has blog-style posts that will be updated with new info - complete with a comment system and RSS for easier communication. Old posts will be phased out as new ones are posted, but their individual post pages will continue to be available as long as the site itself is available.

The SURE blog will hold miscellaneous posts not necessarily related to news and announcements, and all of its posts will be permanently accessible from the blog page. It's better suited for general posts from officers who would like to share something interesting or give an opinion of current events, like a regular blog.

There are some boring details after the jump if you're interested (read more)

The site is hosted on Blogger.com - it's basically a Blogspot blog that's been modified to look like a regular website. It's pretty easy to change stuff around and update, and it's nice to have easy posting for the news/announcements that'll be here. I wanted to make sure the site was easy to handle so future regimes of SURE can easily maintain the site and carry on the value it brings to the group.

I modified the template from a free Blogger template called Grid-Focus, which I liked for its simplicity (but it was a little too boring, so I added some tweaks).

Lots of credit also goes to the sites of the Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularists, and of the Secular Alliance of IU for inspiring many of this site's features.

If you notice anything wrong with the site -- something doesn't display properly, a link is broken, something looks ugly, or you think something should change -- please contact us with any concerns.


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