Here are some photos of group activities, speakers, and events. The links on this page lead to SURE's flickr photostream - check the photostream for new photos and some that might not be in any of the following sets.


Dan Barker 2 Dan Barker 2
Dan Barker came to UCSB again in 2010 to talk a little about his deconversion, but mostly about the Freedom From Religion Foundation's legal battles and victory against the government-sanctioned National Day of Prayer.
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SD Creation Museum Trip SD Creation Museum Trip
SURE went to visit the Creation "Museum" down in Santee, CA.
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PZ Myers PZ Myers
PZ Myers came to UCSB to give a talk on creationism and complexity on his California tour.
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Ice Cream Social Ice Cream Social
SURE held an ice cream social before classes started to meet and mingle with some prospective members.
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FSSP and Welcome Week Tabling FSSP and Welcome Week Tabling
SURE Tabled During Freshman Summer Start Program and Welcome Week. We got lots of positive feedback and enthusiasm!
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Pastafarian Pasta Party! Pastafarian Pasta Party!
SURE got together for an evening of noodly goodness in honor of the almighty FSM. Altogether a great summer event!
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Creation Museum Trip Creation "Museum" Trip
Our Vice President Yan Ivaniya went along with the Secular Student Alliance horde to visit the Creation "Museum" in Kentucky. He took plenty of photos along the way.
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Spring Insight Spring Insight
Spring Insight is a UCSB event held for the benefit of incoming and prospective UCSB students, so they can see some of the programs and organizations available on campus.
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Last Supper at Woody's Last Supper at Woody's
SURE gathered at Woody's after the last meeting of the school year to celebrate a great year.
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Daniel Dennet Daniel Dennet
SURE was glad to host Dan Dennet for a short talk at our showing of Richard Dawkins's The Root of All Evil? documentary.
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Dan Barker Dan Barker
SURE was proud to host a talk by Dan Barker, author of Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists and Losing Faith in Faith: from Preacher to Atheist. Barker gave the talk on November 12, 2008, and Embarcadero Hall was nearly filled to capacity.
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Jesus Camp Jesus Camp
The group gave a presentation of Jesus Camp, a documentary about a born-again evangelical Christian children's camp called "Kids on Fire Summer Camp." Many of the viewers found the film disturbing in its coverage of the children being exposed to such Christian extremism.
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Soup Kitchen Soup Kitchen
SURE went into Santa Barbara to help at a homeless shelter. We were put to work sorting, serving, and cleaning food to set out for one of the shelter's meals. The shelter was very grateful for the help.
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Beach Cleanup 2 Beach Cleanup 2
The group again went to one of the local beaches to pick up trash. Multiple bikes, a bedframe, and plenty of smaller trash was removed, leaving our beach even more picturesque.
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Creek Cleanup Creek Cleanup
This time, SURE did some of its part for the environment by cleaning a local creek.
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Beach Cleanup 1 Beach Cleanup 1
The group went to Goleta beach to pick up trash and beautify our environment. We exhumed an old tire that had been mostly buried in the sand for who knows how long - we rolled it up the hill and left it with the rest of our trash, to be picked up by our contact in Goleta. Unfortunately, we lost contact with that contact after they apparently picked up most of our trash while we were still down on the beach, so we didn't get a chance for a photo with the huge pile we'd already picked up.
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Poster Making 1 Poster Making 1
SURE got together to make and post general group posters to attract more students to the group.
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