Election results

Posted 5/21/09 at 2:35 PM by Sam

We're done with elections and the results were revealed in the meeting last Wednesday! Each of the old officers performed a ceremonial transfer of power by giving each of the new officers a deeply symbolic sack lunch.

Here are the new officers:
  • President: Tyler Santander
  • Vice President: Yan Ivaniya
  • Director of Public Affairs: Sam Moss
  • Minister of Information: Mark Belko
  • Treasurer: Collin Greene
  • Director of Community Service: Ethan Zakai
Update 5/30/09:
  • Social Chair: Stacey Church
The new officers talked about some general plans, and it sounds like we have a great future for next year. I'll make sure to have a post here with some of the plans for next year very soon.


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